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Education in a Warm Atmosphere

At our educational center, we understand that the education of your children is one of your top priorities. That's why we offer a safe, disciplined, and welcoming environment where your children can develop holistically. With exceptional teaching and support staff, we provide quality education and have a solid reputation in the education market. If you're looking for quality private education for your children and want them to feel like they're in their second home, Educational Center ABC is the ideal place!



In this stage, education focuses on achieving a broader understanding of the natural and social world, delivered in a bilingual manner.

At our bilingual private educational center, the profile of preschool students focuses on developing an understanding of the natural and social world in a bilingual environment. Students participate in group projects in different subjects, as well as institutional activities such as the Science Fair, English Day, Family Day, Annual Field Trip, and patriotic activities, to develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills.


In addition, knowledge is provided in cognitive areas such as Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Computer Science. Attention is also given to developing auditory perception and discrimination through music education, as well as gross and fine motor skills and visual and auditory perception and discrimination through physical education.


In the final stage of preschool (preparatory), students achieve a proper transition to first grade, developing skills for reading and writing and acquiring the ability to understand and express ideas and commands in the English language. At Educational Center ABC, we prepare students for a bright and successful future in a bilingual and academically excellent environment.



We offer an exceptional profile for elementary school students with a constructivist approach and neuroeducation focus.

At our educational center, we stand out for providing an outstanding profile for elementary school students, emphasizing a constructivist approach based on neuroeducation. Our comprehensive institutional English program covers all four language areas and includes science. Starting from the sixth grade, students achieve an intermediate level of English and have the opportunity to obtain the internationally recognized TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) certification.

In our educational center, students acquire knowledge in key cognitive areas such as Mathematics, Spanish, Social Studies, Science, Music, Physical Education, Scientific Laboratories, and Computer Science.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including participation in the school band, where we foster creativity, teamwork, and the development of musical skills in our students.



Forging Tomorrow's Leaders: Academic Excellence and Personal Development

The student grows through our Institutional English Program, Reading & Writing, Listening & Speaking, and Science. Upon reaching eleventh grade the student will achieve an advanced level and obtain the TOEFL ITP certification.


n ninth grade, the student is certified in the use of Excel. Students also participate in the Bebe, Piensalo Bien project (teenage pregnancy prevention), helping them develop good decision-making habits, and in Project Management courses during the same year.

The student obtains cognitive knowledge in Mathematics, Spanish, Social Studies, Civics, Chemistry, Physics, Music, Physical Education, Scientific Laboratories and Computer Science.





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